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Two factor authentication (2FA)

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Biometric/Token Login (Webauthn)

Secure login allows you to login using your device, your fingerprint, a security key, or any other Webauthn compatible security method.

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Create a new schedule trigger to make tasks run either at a given interval, or in response to an event.

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Add a new task to this trigger to perform actions once this trigger is activated, such as taking a backup.

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LDAP Authenticated User

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Disabled users cannot login, but retain all their data.

Password Expires

If enabled, user passwords expire after 90 days and must be changed in order to log in again.

Cannot Change Password

Prevents this user from being able to change their own password, but it can still be changed by an administrator. Useful for bots or service accounts.

Require Password Change

Mandates that the user change their password next time they log in. This flag is cleared automatically once the user has done this.

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Role Membership

Delete User

This will permemently delete this user and all associated data.

If this user logs in again over LDAP, the user will be recreated. You should delete the user in your directory server before deleting it here.


User Timestamp Source Category Message

Permissions for

This role is specific to this instance and is not visible to other instances.

This role is shared across all instances.

This role is a template role, and its permissions will be identical across all instances except for ADS.

This role cannot be modified.

Delete Role

This will permemently delete this role and any associated data



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Simple Time Interval Trigger

Every On the Minutes Hours at of each month at :

This trigger will not fire on months that have fewer than days.

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This trigger emits no values.

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A single-use QR code. Scan this with a mobile device.

Scan this QR code on your mobile device to log in as the current user.

This is a single-use code that cannot be used again once scanned. It will remain valid for 30 seconds.

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